5-furniture essentials


5 Furniture Essentials for Every Home

Have you ever noticed how the right choice of furniture can make all the difference to a living space? Most of the time, it’s subtle, but even a compact space looks effortlessly comfortable with appropriate furniture. From practically invisible acrylic chairs to shelving that flexes with the needs of your space, we are talking about five furniture essentials that should top the must-have list of the small-space-dwellers.

1. A pedestal table

A round table with a slender pedestal base is certainly a must have in every homeowners list if he is dealing with space crunch. The pedestal base tucks into small spaces with ease and at the same time gives off a neat look without making the space appear crammed. The round edge means no bumping into sharp corners, while notching up a subtle and chic look at the same time.

2. Shelves for vertical or horizontal arrangements

Instead of choosing a large shelving unit, opt for few versatile cubby-like shelves that can be an aesthetic addition to your dwelling space. A pair of shelves can stand side by side on a big wall, if you have, or you can separate these to use in different rooms. Positioned horizontally, a sturdy shelf can become highly functional.

3. Stack of stools

Just because your small living space cannot afford bulky armchairs and a giant sofa, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a bit of seating arrangement. Instead, you can make arrangements for ample seats right on your place with stack of stools. A great way is to tuck a stack of stools in a corner. For a creative decor, you can add some adornments on the stools and when some extra people drop by, simply unstack the stools.

4. A beautiful sette

For a petite space, there’s no better alternative than a settee. While an armchair or a cosy sofa can make any space appear crammed, a small yet comfortable settee can give you a place to stretch out and unwind after a hectic day. In a larger space, a settee can also work at the foot of a bed. Nowadays, multipurpose settees are also available, which can also serve as a dining table.

5. Parson’s desks

Mini parson’s desks are quite popular these days as they serve as a space savvy functional unit. It can be a desk, but at the same time, you can use it as an oversized bedside table, bar, buffet or workstation. There’s not much products that are so versatile. It’s sleek and slender features make it a perfect item for the studio apartment.

The takeaway point

When it comes to decorate a petite space, myriad of considerations come into play, but a creative choice of furniture can help you notch up the perfect appearance. According to the owner of a 3 bhk flat in Kalinganagar Jajpur, choice of furniture should be a prime concern to keep your space clutter free.