5 Reasons Why it is a Good Time to Invest in Residential Real Estate Now

Sitting in the middle of a pandemic when everything seems to be up in the air, residential real estate has once again emerged as the safest bet for investing. If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us once again, is the importance of owning a home than facing the scary uncertainties of the tenancy. The current situation comes bearing the perfect opportunity to unlock the door to your dream home, but capitalizing on it is what matters the most.

1. Unmatched Sense of Tangible Security

Home has always been a prized possession and the unmatched sense of security it brings with itself is undeniable and is also a required necessity in these trying uncertain times.

2. Long Term Investment of Increasing Value

The need to invest in a tangible asset like home for a sizable return over a span of time has become stronger than ever now. As a fixed tangible asset, it carries with itself the prospect of reliability and higher returns of investment in the post-pandemic world.

3. Safer Financial Tool

The volatile swing of the equity market, mutual funds, and the decreasing rate of interest of conventional financial saving tools have made residential real estate one of the safest investment options. Unlike any of this financial equipment, real estate values do not crash overnight, and also have a broader scope of diversification at low risk.

4. Steady & Increasing Income

The positive relationship between demand for real estate and GDP growth makes residential real estate investment secure and of increasing value in the post-pandemic world, as rents are set to become higher, thus translating into higher capital values. As a landlord, renting out your residential property will result in steady cash flows even in uncertain times like the present.

5. Easy Home Loans & Reduced Interest

With the RBI steeply cutting down interest rates on home loans to the lowest in over a decade, the current time is ripe for buying your own home than ever before. In the current times when financial security is foremost on our minds, real estate offers the best bet to invest and grow with stability, security, and safety.

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