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Making Your Home Instagrammable - A Guide for Millennials

With the dawn of a new millennium, a new generation was born and little did the world knew that they will be the original digital natives of the present times. The generation, often labeled as careless, headstrong and capricious, is also goal-driven, strong opinionated and independent. They are not just dreamy eyes filled with hopes but a go-getter generation with bigger aspirations and a keen liking for an extraordinary life.

Typically, their day starts with a good dose of Instagram surfing and catching up with the world. Instagram, a platform that took the digital world by storm, is literally a living place for the millennials. Everything they do has to be Insta-worthy, including their place where they actually reside. It’s all about selecting that perfect picture to post, after all a picture is worth a thousand words or rather likes and shares in this case.

So, here are few tips to help make your home Instagrammable:

  1. Less is more: It is the age of minimalism where aesthetics or ‘vibe’ of a place is the prime deciding factor whether you will get that double-tap or not. But this doesn’t mean have fewer objects in your home, rather organize them neatly. Using wooden shelves or racks around the walls will help maximize walking space and declutter the house.
  2. Go Green: Adding a few house plants around the corners with unique pots will further add to the aesthetics of a room. Succulents or other inexpensive and easy to care for plants can create an excellent prop to click pictures with and make your home look polished. You don’t have to go heavy-duty on the planters. You can buy any normal pot and paint them on your own, giving your touch. This tip will help you portray your house in a beautiful light. Besides, they will also lift your mood whenever you look at them.
  3. The golden glow: Lighting is an integral aspect of clicking any wonderful photo. Experts suggest focusing on natural lighting during the day for a perfect ambience. So pull back your curtains and open all your doors. Let the golden glow light up your rooms for an Insta-worthy picture. Decorating with golden fairy lights can enliven any place and make it look cozier.
  4. Find your corner: Having a space of your own in the house is a necessity, for your work and own mental peace. And chances are you will want to show off this space where you spend most of your time. Decorate the space with vibrant coloured cloths or cushions, add few quirky home accessories and picture frames. But don’t go overboard with it, remember minimalism is the key.

Making your home instagrammable doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for homegrown labels for all your requirement or wait up and buy that particular product on sale. It is all about projecting your ideas to the outer world.