Mood Enhancer



1. Mood Enhancer:

Mood Enhancer

The environment you choose to live in acts as either a positive or a negative stressor. Living in a gated community gives you all the opportunities to interact with people and release your stress. Interacting with your neighbours or your community friends, helps you share your thoughts and feelings, which thereby acts as a mood enhancer. The release of serotonin and dopamine levels increases on interacting with other people which helps you articulate yourself better.

2. Antidepressant:


The elders fall prey to depression more often than other age groups out of their loneliness. Gated community offers ample opportunity to ward off this loneliness. Taking part in any sort of physical activity like skipping, jogging, free hand exercises, yoga and swimming in your community’s exercise space or utilizing the open spaces helps as an antidepressant.

3. Interpersonal bonds:

Interpersonal bonds

Social interactions in a gated society, helps you build close relationships with people and acquire a sense of community. A gated community is like a safe space, where interpersonal bonds are created through communication with the residents. This gives them a sense belonging, which in turn satisfies the social needs to feel accepted. The sharing of any interpersonal bond gives the residents relief from their daily stress and anxiety. The safety of living in a gated society is not just physical, but they have an immense impact on your mental health and which helps in maintaining a positive equilibrium.

4. Impact of Nature:

Impact of Nature

Living in a community surrounded by nature, has a positive effect on your mental health. Being surrounded by luscious greenery, open space and abundance of fresh air improves physical and mental balance. Your surroundings and your home are a reflection of your mind. A clean environment works like a stress buster and helps you become an organized individual. When fake rolex you grow in a positive society, you make time to de-clutter your mind which in turn helps you nurture yourself into a confident individual.

To conclude, it should be kept in mind that residential environment has a vital role to play in the well-being of one’s mental health. There are many factors that affect our mental health like heredity and individual differences, but the most important factor is the environment you live in that has the most amount of influence on your both mental as well as physical health.