Spruce Up Your Interiors with Vintage Home Décor


Spruce Up Your Interiors with Vintage Home Décor

A vintage decor theme has made a major come back lately. Although not in its original intent, retro-inspired design in the recent times has all the sophistication of the contemporary era fused with modern detailing. Being unusual and classy in their own right, retro furniture has now become the talk of the town. Many homeowners staying in the apartment in Kolkata are planning a customized look of their existing building architecture. Check out these hot trends which you can incorporate to accessorize your home.

Invest on Retro Furniture

A host of choices is available in retro furniture. But, consider the theme of your home while choosing one. Lifestyle magazines and online sources can help you mimic streamlined retro look, but if you are adopting the idea, make sure that it is in line with the theme of your space. The idea of a vintage decor is to notch an immensely elegant. If you are passionate about any particular style, ask your interior designer to follow that architectural style and complement these with appropriate furniture.

Opt for a Vintage-styled Kitchen

The concept of vintage-styled kitchen is in the scenario for the past few years. A modern decor blended with retro theme is widely popular these days. In fact, the real estate developers nowadays also focus on getting a structure that aptly suits with a vintage styled gourmet space. With retro appliances in your kitchen, recreate a nostalgic trend of the bygone era. A few smart arrangements with metallic finishes and high contrast color booths can also create a retro feel throughout. With amazing kitchen tiles, hardwood flooring, mahogany furniture, your kitchen can be a space to reminisce the yesteryears.

Use vintage furniture accessory

The elegance of retro furniture is best expressed with their accessories. A sunburst mirror, which might be gracing the cover page of a popular magazine, can also enhance your house with characteristic poise and elegance. You can also give a good try to the retro clocks and eclectic collections of dishware. But before taking a deep plunge in a retro-inspired decor, it’s always better to have a detailed consultation with a professional designer. Although subtlety leaves a lasting impression, a retro look sometimes requires more accents. Colourful vintage metal tins along with side tables are some popular retro accessories.

Invest in Retro Textiles

Fabrics are the most aesthetic addition in your living space, when it comes to notch a vintage look. Add lace drapes in your curtains and heavy embroidered stuff in various other places of your room. You can also use retro-styled throw pillows, rugs and carpet to enhance your interiors perfectly.

The Takeaway Point

Doing a vintage decor is not that easy. A couple of things should be considered while planning one. A great idea is to work with the design professionals to bring out the best.