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The State Of Real Estate - In The Millennial Era

When the pandemic slowly lifted its cruelty on the planet and things started to become normal, the Indian economy too saw a steady recovery. And a prominent sign of that recovery was a steep increase in the sanctions of home loans, especially among the millennial consumers.

So this sudden shift in more home loans begs the question: What is the millennial consumer looking for in their real estate journey?

A Unique Address

A Unique Address

The eager minds of the millennials are desiring a space they can call home. Thus we see millennials looking to invest in their own homes that are both luxurious and modern yet spacious and jubilant to balance their social and professional spaces inside their new homes.

Everything. Everywhere. All At Once

Everywhere All At Once

Owing to the new age professional culture in the world, especially in the mass-working Technology industry is the culture of working from home. Even now, most companies are facilitating a WFH opportunity. This means that they are in need of gated communities that offer everything within a mile of their living space. Starting from 24x7 functioning ATM machines to Supermarkets and laundry, everything comes together to give the millennial consumer what they need to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

The Estate Of Real Opportunity

the estate of real opportunity

The world is shifting its mood towards bigger saving and bigger income. And real estate creates a brilliant opportunity for your asset to grow in value while you enjoy your life in it. We thus see a growing interest towards investing in a property that gives them a sense of security and belonging all at once.

The Assurance Of A Reputed Developer

assurance of a reputed developer

The trust of a reputed property developer brings with it a plethora of advantages. The millennial buyers need a seamless process from viewing the property to signing the papers. The documentation process along with handover has to be as smooth as enjoying life within the property.

Again, that is what the Sureka Group aims to provide at every step. The Sureka Group has built a firm reputation of constructing wholesome living spaces that compliment the desire of the millennial home buyer.