Winters are the most anticipated time of the year. The season of Christmas, badminton, picnics and marking the end of the calendar for a new beginning. The city of Joy transforms into the Christmas cheer.

1. Pack your lunch for Picnic:

Pack your lunch for Picnic

Picnics are the perfect opportunity to explore the adventurous side, for both adults and children. They include get-togethers between families and communities, which increases the sense of bonding exponentially. When you live in gated communities, the open area or a playground is an ideal picnic spot for the wide picnic spread. Closer to home, and ample of time to enjoy the winter sun under the open sky, experiencing the glint of winters, finally setting in.

2. Badminton Fever:

Badminton Fever

Badminton is crowned the royal outdoor sport during winter. Lights are set, badminton nets are hung and the badminton frenzy finally sets in. The terrace, the open field in your community or the road right outside your house is the perfect spot to play badminton any time of the day. Communities arrange for badminton contests, participation coming from every age group, dons in the merriment of the badminton fever.

3. Christmas and its eve:

Christmas and its eve

As the days slowly drifts into the wintery months of the year, every part of the city, is decked up with fairy lights to spread the joy of Christmas. 24th of December, marking the eve, children hang their socks at night, to wake up to socks filled with presents from Santa Clause. The gallantly decorated trees, majestically stands at the centre of each complex, marking the beginning of year end celebrations. Communities hosts Secret Santa where people write their names and whoever receives their name, gifts them a Christmas present. This increases the bond of togetherness, spread over communities and apartments.

4. The end of the year:

The end of the year

With the year coming to an end, as we welcome the new year with open arms, celebrations don’t stop. On 31st December, we celebrate new years with food, drinks, dancing and merriment. Communities and housings arrange for NYE parties, celebrating the end of the current year, yet stepping into the new year with stronger bonds and even stronger beliefs.

This time of the year, make us want to celebrate the joy of the forthcoming of a new year. With newer resolutions and goals, it makes us feel that winter is truly a wonderful time in this ‘winterful’ world.