We all know that it is impossible to spell community without using the words unity. When we hear the word ‘community’, we usually direct our thoughts and feelings towards living in harmony and peace with one another. But it isn’t that, it is also about sharing the ethnicities, cultures, and appreciation amongst ourselves. Whether we live in a gated community or a standalone apartment, we seem to bond over food most of the times. The food plays a massive part in bringing people together.

1.Bonding over food:

Bonding over food

Thinking of all the occasions we have ever participated as a community, the similarity is that the food is always present at the center of each one. It is in the sharing of food with others that keeps us connected. We bond over food. Food is a language each one of us is well versed with. We get together with our loved ones and sharing the food with them helps us in cultivating strong and healthier relationships.

2. Mingling of culture:

Mingling of culture

Food, as we know it, forms a bond for us all. It connects us to our pasts and identities and the larger world around us. A lot of times we tend to share our 'handed-down' family recipes or a particular dish with our neighbours. This can result in an intermix of cultures and two families, increasing the community feeling. These connections go both inwards and outwards and the food can take us into exploring our selves as well as can have impact on other people and on communities as a whole.

3. Essence of a person:

Essence of a person

Our surroundings are filled with an excellent array of delicious food. While living in a gated community or an apartment, we learn from the diverse cultures each of us belong to. We live in thriving communities where celebrations don’t need to be associated with a festival or an engagement, we celebrate life as a whole. Coming together and sharing a meal is one of the most communal and binding things that can take place when you live in a community. Food is much more than nourishment; it is the vehicle through which we communicate sentiments, express our creativity and create memories.

4. Easiest way to know a person:

Easiest way to know a person

It is the easiest way to get people to open up and to know them better. When occasions have food involved, there’s no stopping the food lover in all of us. Be it a wedding, festival or just a Sunday brunch with our neighbours, each of these occasions has their spread of good food and food is what connects everyone.